Welkom residents plead to be moved to a safer place following damaging floods

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3 months ago


Residents of Bronville in Welkom in the Free State have pleaded with the government to move them to a safer place after floods caused major damage to the area following the recent heavy rains. Three years ago, the same area was underwater and the provincial government declared it a disaster area.

Humanitarian organisation, the Red Cross has visited the area to assess the extent of the damage and the need for disaster relief. Residents say their belongings have been damaged.

“Our houses are full of holes, we can sleep in the house but we can see through outside. Even when it’s raining, the rain comes through the wall and underground, we don’t know where is that water coming from,” says one resident.

“It was very very bad, we have lost a lot of furniture, so we ask the government to help, to assist us. They were here but they’ve done nothing for us till now. They promised us that they will replace our furniture, we don’t want money, we want nothing, we just want a safe place for us to stay. We want to move away from this place, our furniture is damaged,” says another resident.

Humanitarian organisations visit Bronville residents in Free State affected by heavy rains 

The Red Cross has reached out to the victims of the recent floods in Bronville. The organisation has embarked on a drive to assess the extent of the damage.

“This area particularly we have 68 houses that have been affected by the floods that started in December, so we have a number of stakeholders that we are working with to respond. After verification, we’ll come back and do relief items that we’ll provide to the families that have been affected, which is food parcels mattresses and blankets. We have organisations like Alida that are coming on board, the Department of Social Development also the provincial disaster centre, so that there’s no duplication of services,” says Red Cross Provincial Manager Claudia Mangoegape.

Concern that recent heavy rains will cause flooding along SA’s major dams